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Families with surname ‏(unknown)‏

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Families with surname ‏(unknown)‏

1AKER, HenryHENRY ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
2ANDERSEN, PederPEDER ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
3ATKINSON ??, RobinsonROBINSON ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
4BAMBURY, WilliamWILLIAM ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
5BARNETT, Dale GregoryDALE GREGORY ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    2U
6BAXTER, AlexanderALEXANDER ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
7BEATTIE, JamesJAMES ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
8BELL, PercyPERCY ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
9BOOTH, CharlesCHARLES ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
10BURMAN, JamesJAMES ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
11CHAMPION, RichardRICHARD ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
12CRESSWELL, Edward GeorgeEDWARD GEORGE ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1U
13GLEDHILL, Thomas GTHOMAS G ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
14GLENIE, PercyPERCY ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    2U
15GRANTHAM, William JohnWILLIAM JOHN ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    0U
16GRIDLEY, Robert Henry ‏(Harry)‏ROBERT HENRY HARRY23‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. 
22 April 1908
113Grovetown, New Zealand 0YES
17GUNN, WilliamWILLIAM ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
18HALL, WilliamWILLIAM ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
19HEINISCH, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
20HEINTZ, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    2U
21Hibnell, Arthur AlfredARTHUR ALFRED ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
22HODGSON, William GeorgeWILLIAM GEORGE ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
23HOLDAWAY, Reginald Donald "Don"REGINALD DONALD ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1U
24Jeffery, GeorgeGEORGE ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
25KALKA, JosephJOSEPH ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
26KNUDSEN, JensJENS ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
27LIE, PederPEDER ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
28LOGAN, James RobbJAMES ROBB ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
29LUSTY, FrancisFRANCIS ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
30McCALLUM, DonaldDONALD ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    3U
31MacIntosh, ThomasTHOMAS ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. 
 Perth, Perthshire and Kinrossshire, Scotland 1UR
32McNabb, Francis TrevorFRANCIS TREVOR ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
33MAIR, DAVIDDAVID ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
34MICHELSEN, StephanSTEPHAN ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
35Mills, JohnJOHN ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
36MOIR, WilliamWILLIAM ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
37NEWARD, JacobJACOB ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
38Newlin, RichardRICHARD ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1U
39O'CALLAGHAN, JamesJAMES ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
40O'HALLORAN, MichaelMICHAEL ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
41O'REILLY, PatrickPATRICK ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
42OAKHAM, GilbertGILBERT ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    5UR
43OAKLEY, Captain JosephJOSEPH ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
44PAYNE, ThomasTHOMAS ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
45PERRY, William GeorgeWILLIAM GEORGE ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
46Phillips, JohnJOHN ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
47Primmer, WilliamWILLIAM ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
48Scarlett, CharlesCHARLES ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
49Scarlett, DanielDANIEL ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
50Seybe, PeterPETER ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
51SEYMOUR, RichardRICHARD ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
52Sharplin, HenryHENRY ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
53SIGGLEKOW, EarnestEARNEST ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
54SMITH, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
55St John, FrederickFREDERICK ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
56STADE, Christopher Wilhelm HeinrichCHRISTOPHER WILHELM HEINRICH ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    0U
57Stewart, WilliamWILLIAM ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
58TABBERNOR, SamuelSAMUEL ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
59TAYLOR, ThomasTHOMAS ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. 
28 July 1702
319 1YESR
60THOMAS, ThomasTHOMAS ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
61Tingey, JosephJOSEPH ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
62WILLIAMS, ThosTHOS ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
63WITHERS, JohnJOHN ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.    1UR
64‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. ADAM, Ada EstherADA ESTHER    1U
65‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. BRADDON, Florence Theresa KentishFLORENCE THERESA KENTISH    2U
66‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. CHASE, AnnieANNIE    1U
67‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. CRESSWELL, Gertrude FannyGERTRUDE FANNY    1U
68‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. DULY, ElizabethELIZABETH    1U
69‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. EYLES, ElizabethELIZABETH    2U
70‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. EYLES, Florence HelenFLORENCE HELEN    1U
71‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. EYLES, Winifred ClaraWINIFRED CLARA    2U
72‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. FISSENDEN, Coralis Gladys Ethel ‏[Gladys]‏CORALIS GLADYS ETHEL    0U
73‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. GOHL, Friederike BarbaraFRIEDERIKE BARBARA    1U
74‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. HOMANN, AnnieANNIE    1UR
75‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. HOWARD, Florence BlancheFLORENCE BLANCHE    1U
76‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. JESSOP, Kathleen MareeKATHLEEN MAREE    4UR
77‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. MORTENSEN, MarieMARIE    1U
78‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. MORTENSEN, MarieMARIE    2U
79‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. Newland, JaneJANE    2U
80‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. O'DONOGHUE, MaryMARY    1UR
81‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. O'HALLORAN, Margaret MaudMARGARET MAUD    1U
82‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. OLSEN, Amy Myrtle ElizabethAMY MYRTLE ELIZABETH    2U
83‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. OLSEN, Amy Myrtle ElizabethAMY MYRTLE ELIZABETH    1U
84‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. PAUL, Ellen Erina "Budgie"ELLEN ERINA    1UR
85‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. POLLARD, ElizabethELIZABETH    1UR
86‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. TEPUKE, Rangi AnewaRANGI ANEWA    4UR
87‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. WHYTE, JanetJANET    3U
88‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. WYATT, MinnieMINNIE    1UR
89‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. ‏(unknown)‏, HarrietHARRIET26
165Sydney, Australia 12YESR
90‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. ‏(unknown)‏, JoanJOAN    6UR
91‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. 
 Stoke, New Zealand 0UNR
92‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N.     UNR
93‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. 
18 April 1843
178Northampton, Northamptonshire, England 1YESNR
94‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. 
21 March 1892
21 March 1892
129Stoke, New Zealand Stoke, New Zealand 0YESNR
95‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. ‏(unknown)‏, ‏(unknown)‏@P.N. 
20 September 1920
101Nelson, New Zealand 0YESNR
Given Names

Total families : 95
Hidden : 94
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