Hans Jorgen JUUL  ‏(I14614)‏
Given Names: Hans Jorgen
Surname: JUUL

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: Yes
Death: Yes
Personal Facts and Details
Marriage Ana Marie ‏(unknown)‏ -

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Immediate Family  (F4639)
Ana Marie ‏(unknown)‏
- 1932
Alfred Emil JUUL
- 1968
Marie Hansine JUUL
- 1974
Johanne Emilie JUUL
1879 - 1966

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Close Relatives
Family with Ana Marie ‏(unknown)‏
Hans Jorgen JUUL
Birth Yes
Death Yes
Ana Marie ‏(unknown)‏
Birth Yes
Death 1932 Waverley, New South Wales, Australia

Son (Birth)
Alfred Emil JUUL
Birth Yes
Death 1968 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Daughter (Birth)
Marie Hansine JUUL
Birth Yes
Death 1974 New South Wales, Australia
Johanne Emilie JUUL
Birth 27 November 1879 Copenhagen, Denmark
Death 8 September 1966 ‏(Age 86)‏ Sydney, New South Wales, Australia