Floria Emily PYKE  ‏(I13915)‏
Given Names: Floria Emily
Surname: PYKE
Married Name: Floria Emily PALMER

Given Names: Florie Emily
Married Name: Florie Emily PALMER

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: Yes
Death: 1944 Age: 67 New Zealand
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Close Relatives
Family with Charles Merry PALMER
Charles Merry PALMER
Birth Yes
Death 17 October 1953 Age: 74 Russell, New Zealand
Floria Emily PYKE
Birth Yes
Death 1944 Age: 67 New Zealand

Marriage: 1902 -- New Zealand
Son (Birth)
Roland Flowerday PALMER
Birth 1902 New Zealand
Death 1968 ‏(Age 66)‏ Age: 62 New Zealand
2 years
Daughter (Birth)
Thelma Maude PALMER
Birth 8 April 1904 New Zealand
Death 2005 ‏(Age 100)‏ New Zealand
19 months
Veda Merry PALMER
Birth 1 November 1905 New Zealand
Death 1990 ‏(Age 84)‏ New Zealand
14 months
Daughter (Birth)
Estelle Floria PALMER
Birth 1907 New Zealand
5 years
Ira Charles PALMER
Birth 2 August 1911 Wellington, New Zealand
Death 15 June 1985 ‏(Age 73)‏ Hastings, New Zealand